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say hello to the b.fresh range of armpit loving, odor zapping deodorants. all-day odor defense with no nasties, natural fragrance from essential oils + real skin lovin' ingredients. for pits that smell great & feel even better.

body polish scrubs
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don’t hate... exfoliate.

a body polish to both exfoliate + nourish skin. a blend of hydrating shea butter and deep cleansing himalayan salt work to remove impurities, eliminate dry areas and leave your skin feelin' brand new.

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collage of b.fresh body serums
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b.fresh allll over

we’re delivering real, effective skincare to each and every inch of your skin with our range of body serums. give us your skin concern and we’ll give you the best targeted ingredients for the job.

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a plant and mineral-based blend will naturally cleanse your bod while skin lovin' ingredients + yummy scents all work to make you the freshest babe out.

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b.fresh body washes

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  • charcoal illustration
    activated charcoal icon
    activated charcoal
  • almond illustration
    almond icon
    sweet almond
  • argan oil illustration
    argan oil icon
    argan oil
  • bergamot illustration
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    bergamont oil
  • fruit enzymes illustration
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    fruit enzymes
  • ginseng illustration
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    invigorating ginseng
  • glycolic acid illustration
    glycolic acid icon
    glycolic acid
  • grapefruit illustration
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    citrusy grapefruit
  • hyaluronic acid illustration
    hyaluronic acid icon
    hyaluronic acid
  • jojoba oil illustration
    jojoba oil icon
    jojoba oil
  • lavender illustration
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    lush lavender oil
  • licorice root illustration
    licorice root icon
    licorice root
  • marula oil illustration
    marula oil
  • niacinamide illustration
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    vitamin b3 / niacinamide
  • orange slice illustration
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    vitamin c
  • rose illustration
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    rose extract
  • salycylic acid illustration
    salycylic acid icon
    salycyclic acid
  • shea butter illustration
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    shea butter
  • squalane illustration
    squalane icon
    all natural squalane oil
  • water lily illustration
    white lily icon
    white lily
  • white tea illustration
    white tea icon
    white tea
  • willow bark extract illustration
    willow bark icon
    willow bark extract
  • keepin it clean
    body wash
  • you're one in a melon
    body wash
  • smooth AF
    body serum
  • squeeze the day
    body wash
  • smooth AF
    body serum
  • bye bye bacne
    body serum
  • lit from within
    body serum
  • vitamin sea
    body wash
  • let's bounce
    body serum
  • squeeze the day
    body wash
  • lit from within
    body serum
  • keepin it clean
    body wash
  • scrub me like you mean it
    body lotion & scrub
  • skin softer than a...
    body lotion & scrub
  • as good as new
    body serum
  • let's bounce
    body serum
  • bye bye bacne
    body serum

what's new

shop the latest + greatest skin lovin' treats out of the b.fresh factory

stop and smell the... deodorant

deodorant enhanced with hyaluronic acid

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nutty bout coconut deodorant

coconutty vanilla deodorant blended with argan oil

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positive vibes only deodorant

lush lavender deodorant enriched with jojoba oil

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fressssh AF! deodorant

grapefruity good deodorant juiced up with hyaluronic acid

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sweeter than... deodorant

honey almond deodorant infused with marula oil

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